Sunday, June 12, 2011

its over :(

i cant believe its all over! this week has been amazing.! the drive home was so surreal and waking up this morning was soooo strange to not have someone knocking on my dorm door saying its time to get up at 6 am :) the closing ceremony was so sweet, with all the councilers telling everybody how much they love them and of course saying how they should network via facebook! haha. this morning i woke up extremely sore from all the weeks walking with the heavy equipment on my hips, but honestly theres not one thing i would have changed about this week and i would do it all again in a second! i cant wait to start working on the final documentary.

- joanna

Friday, June 10, 2011

dream your dream

Today was so much fun for every one. The students enjoyed playing games and the team jump rope. We also went to classes and learned very useful knowedge about financial aid and what colleges look for in there students. Personaly I felt super dooper glad when another student interested in film making, did a interview of me and Joanna for her own documentary.


i feel like a broken marionette doll, my strings are being totally controlled by the all mighty and powerful God; all the walking that we've done today is killing me, HE is the only one keeping me from falling over and taking a POWER NAP haha... i never expected there to be so much walking to be involved in this camp. but like ive learned today from the kids.... their expectations as well have changed. I cant say how blessed and thankful to God I am for opening he door to this opportunity for me. but anywaysss.. today was a busy busy day! it felt like 3 days in one! from the 6 am wake up call , to the classes, to the loooooonnnnggg campus tour/ walk to the rec center & the dance off in the gym. the past 24 hours have been THE BOMB DOT COM! ahaha the kids today went to classes where they learned things like study skills, college access, business 101 and leadership. the tour of the campus was so great for the kids who were so interested in texas state which is something i learned from interviewing a couple of the kids. i have been so impacted by asking them questions and getting to know them on a personal level this experience has changed my life for the better in soooo many ways.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


just wow, thats honestly all i have to say, the kids have been here for only about 6 hours and i've already seen a big change in them! and i cant even really call them kids because shoooot im the same age! but its crazy for to the the change in happening in front of me, its totally different then watching it on any video posted on the website about first and goal that ive seen, this is truly amazing. there is no words to describe this program. not only am i behind the cameras learning about how the kids taking part in the program are, but as i'm standing in the corner, trying to not be seen by anyone, trying to blend in to the background (you knoww... the usual job for a cameraman /woman) , i myself am learning and taking in everything the counclirs are saying in about college & other things, because i too have a story and i too have those "game changer" people in my life. as i sit here in the lobby typing this i feel melancholy for all the things that have happened in my past and i hope that maybe someday i can participate at 1st and goal as a counciler and not just a camerawoman haha :) today has been so tiring so far but its been so worth it. i look forward for the rest of the night and the rest of the weekend. 
- joanna



here the staff is in preperation for the kids to arrive, we just got word that they get here in 20 minutes! :D i am beyond excited to meet them and get this show on the road- joanna

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

day one.

we arrived at TSU at around 3 today and so far the staff and camp councilors have been walking around getting to know the campus and each other. So far we've played icebreaker games to get know each other and also know some of the games the kids will be playing. We can definitely tell that the first and goal staff is very close nit and are soo ready to make an impact on these kids lives. the next three days will be none stop shooting for us but we are so excited!

here are some pictures from today. & logan is going to post more later as well


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


tomorrow is the day Logan and I (Joanna) leave to TSU, and beyond excited! I am so blessed that God has opened up this door of opportunity for me.